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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  July 8, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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today we're forecasting 93. everything is in perspective. 93 is better than 100 or 105. the humidity has gone up since yesterday. a high of 93 today. there is a 20% chance for a thunderstorm. the chance for rain will co-op as we reached the weekend. there is a decent chance. -- the chance for rain will go up as we reach the weekend. we will check the seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> we do have one problem spots. there is an accident near the beltway on the east side. watch for lane closures and some delays as things pick up around the areas. not a whole lot in the way of volume this morning. everything moving well on 83 this morning.
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793 in great shape. we start with the harrisburg expressway. moving very well so far this morning down towards the beltway. this is the beltway not far from the accident scene. watch for that accident location. >> another code red day in baltimore. the heat wave is taking its toll. >> one person collapsed and died in a home without air- conditioning. kim dacey is live with details. >> the city is taking several steps to keep people healthy and cools during this heat wave. poolesville got so crowded yesterday that they have to enforce a one in, one out policy. around 1000 people have utilized
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cooling centers this week. a phone bank has been set up to call it 4000 residents aged 90 or older to make sure they are ok. >> they are more likely to be socially isolated, to live alone. >> pools will again have extended hours today. the 15 cooling centers will be open and operational. to find one of them, simply dial 311. >> another nursing home was forced to move their residents after air-conditioning stopped working. all 70 residents will be moved. residents were moved to the bottom floor where air- conditioning was working.
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the health department was notified. there were still cooler rooms available. a former resident of the ravenwood facility spoke to our i-team after she learned the center was forced to move residents because of broken air conditioners. it had been operating without air conditioning since sunday. >> they were working backwards. they worked to turn the air on in october. it started to get cold. the same thing in the wintertime when the boiler would break down. we were out there freezing. >> the company is cooperating with the investigation. to find out where your friend or family member was relocated, you can call 410-837-4990. it was a tragic day neared
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philadelphia when a boat capsized. all passengers were sent into the water. are still searching for two people. all water traffic in philadelphia was stopped. >> it could mean time behind bars. that is if lawmakers agree with the prosecutor will agree to make parents more responsible and to keep their young children out of trouble. the plan is expected to go before county commissioners next month. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. what do you think of the detroit proposal that would send parents to jail for missing parent- teacher conferences? e-mail your response to >> sand speculate the u.s. could
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swap russian spies to get back spies of their own. >> kate amara joins us live with more on this story. >> erection and u.s. officials will not confirm any spy swap but families of those accused say it is about to happen. an arraignment for 10 accused russian spies. the justice department and sealant a single indictment against the defendants. this fuels speculation of a pending spy swap. >> this is a matter that is being handled and i would prefer it to the department of justice. >> more evidence of a possible secret agent exchange. a meeting between the russian
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ambassador and the senior american diplomat. >> the spy case -- did it come out? likely it did. will i get into details? no. >> a son is believed to be a convicted spy about to be exchanged. there might be more foreign spies in this country than we think. >> we have serious counter intelligence issues we have to deal with. >> only cent of those suspects will be arraigned today. the 11th jumped bail in cyprus. kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news. >> can you elaborate on why it movi these cases to man and is a possible sign of a swap? quest by bundling all of the indictments and the issues, it can help expedite and make it
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more efficient and more effective swap should that help. so new york could be the first step in shipping these suspects out of the united states. >> kate amara, thank you. >> 79 degrees on tv hill. police find a person of interest in the kidnapping of a girl in missouri. >> and arrest in a serial murder case. we will have more as recover the nation. >> here is a live look of traffic. it looks to be slowing just fine. we do have a problem on the east side. we will update
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>> welcome back. we are off to a quiet start on this thursday morning. 82 degrees already at the
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maryland science center. it is not going to be quite as hot today. the heat index will get into the upper 90's spirit we're forecasting 93. we will not break any records. the heat index will be around 98 or 99. there is a 30% chance for a thunderstorm. we'll take a look at that and talk about the seven-day forecast when i come back in a few minutes. >> i never thought i would love the sound of '93. there was a strong earthquake in southern california. it shook buildings from san diego to los angeles. it was centered 13 miles and lasted about 13 seconds. no immediate reports of injury. >> a person of interest in a kidnapping has reportedly shot
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himself. he was taken to a nearby hospital. his home is located near where lisa was taken from her front yard on monday. she was found late tuesday. the man's name has not been released. detectives in los angeles closed a case as they arrested a man and charged him with 10 murders. he is eligible for the death penalty if convicted. he was called the grim sleeper. the victims were shot, strangled, and usually sexually abused after he killed them. detectives used familiar search. they swapped a cup he used at the restaurant and confirmed his
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dna matches that found at the murder scene. coming up, the bloomberg business report. >> 8 retail giant is looking to help its customers. this is the harrisburg expressway. there are some flashing lights. there's also an accident on the east side. east side.
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning once again. a few early morning things to watch for. fire department activity coming in at middle river. we're still dealing with an accident on the east side of the
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beltway. some closures in effect between coldspring lane and the j.f.x. watch for continued road repairs spirit 11 minutes is to drive time on southbound 95 down to 32. no problems to report on the north side. 11 minutes top to bottom on the outer loop west side. you can see we have some flashing lights off to the right shoulder. a disabled vehicle coming out of the parkton area. problem-free on this portion of the beltway eastern. there is one accident and we will keep you posted. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now let's get the latest on the buses and trains. >> looking very good this morning. light rail, shuttle buses operating because of some track
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work. the light rail otherwise on time. marc trains looking good at this area on the penn, camden, and brunswick lines. on the buses, a number of diversions. there is a diversion at fayette and howard. the seven bus is diverted. the 21 bus is diverted at chase. now back to tony pann. >> it is going to be another hot day today. we will not break any records. yesterday we hit 101 and that broke the old record. right now, 75 in parkton. the humidity has gone way up. dew points are in the 70's. this is a tropical air mass. the heat index will be in the upper 90's to around 100 degrees with poor air quality. here is some good news.
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the atmosphere is changing. we can see some rain along the delmarva beaches. there is an area of low pressure that has pushed to the west. we're not underneath the core of the heat. only 90's today. the humidity has gone up with a northeast wind. it is a little bit of good and bad news. a mix of sun and clouds. 20% chance for a storm. high temperatures between 90 and 95 per it will feel around 100 because of the increased humidity. low temperatures will drop back into the 70's. tomorrow, the chance for rent increases. a cold front will approach from the ohio valley. it will be a muggy day.
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there could be a few thunderstorms. 93 today. 89 tomorrow. a 30% chance of a thunderstorm. a good chance for rain on saturday. the temperature down to 84 for a high. back to near 90 on monday. scattered thunderstorms on monday or tuesday of next week. today will be the hottest day for the next several days and that is good news. >> it was a positive day for some in south carolina as they try to get a job at a bmw job fair. these will be full-time positions with health benefits. the hope is that the extra workers will get the company ready for production of a new
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car. the positions start at $15 an hour. walmart has announced a new program where workers can get college credit for in-store training. walmart says it will commit $50 million to help workers before books and tuition and online school. the plant is open to domestic workers at walmart and sam's club. if you are in need of a loan, sam's club might be the perfect solution. >> about half the customer base is made up of small business owners. 600,000 shop at the retail giant. heirhey use us aas t heir warehouse. into theclub has gone
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lending business, offering small businesses loans at bargain rates. the small business owner can get a discount on the application fee as well as on loans from $5,000 to have $25,000. they're hoping more loyalty from small business owners. >> they are struggling with capital and credit. we want to add and other services in providing them a lender. >> sam's club is not the only retailer offering their own brand of economic stimulus. target and staples are all offering discounts, all to entice customers to spend. >> whatever it is you are
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thinking of buying, might be stuck in a boat somewhere. jane king joins us to explain why. >> good morning. the new fall wardrobe for a new video game might not be on the store shelves. shipping bottlenecks are stopping deliveries and the problem is hurting retailers. all of this is according to "usa today." air cargo companies have cut back during the recession. the retail industry is dealing with pickup and demand. june sales numbers may help determine the trading direction today. word yesterday that retailers were doing better than expected sent stocks surging yesterday.
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sales probably expanded at 4% starting in february as consumers were shrugging off concerns about the economy and unemployment. shares of madison square garden increasing on speculation that lebron james might come to play for the new york knicks. i guess we will have to wait before tonight to find out for sure. i'm jane king reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. >> i keep hearing lebron james is going some place other than new york. >> i heard miami on the way in. >> thank you. >> 5:22, said the nine degrees on tv hill. traffic and weather together. >> we will check on the birds'
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bid to avoid a sweep. they give up a decent effort in the process but we will head to detroit. >> that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. what do you think of the detroit proposal that would send parents to jail for missing parent- teacher conferences? e-mail your response to
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>> the orioles wrapped up their series in detroit last night, trying to avoid being swapped. we go to detroit. brad bergesen on the mound. he was not awful last night.
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taking care of brandon inge swing. he gives up four strikeouts. this goes up the middle. a little too fast is brennan boesch. safe at second. 3-0, tigers. jones gets turned around a bit. 4-0 tigers. we do have a bright spot. matt wieters starting to find his groove. base hit to center. adam jones paused at first. a sacrifice fly to bring in both orioles run. birds doubled up 4-2. it gets no easier as a next travel to texas. onto the rangers, also in first
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out in the west. texas beat cleveland 4-3 last night. >> some may have gone the future of air travel in switzerland. a solar-powered plane took off for its first test run. it was in the year for 24 hours before landing. they wanted to see if it could sustain flight through the nighttime hours. it was a success. solar power probably will not replace conventional jets anytime soon be correct that is so cool. 79 degrees on tv hill. coming up in our next half-hour -- >> one person has already died in baltimore from the heat. i will have more on what you need to know to stay safe. >> we broke another record high
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temperature yesterday. we will give you the seven day in just a few minutes. >> if your morning commute has -- a new accident coming in in howard county. howard county.
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